La Stalla Restaurant, St Paul’s Bay


Listen, people get paid to write reviews of fancy restaurants.  They tend to use a lot of adjectives to give the impression that the business of cooking food, serving food and eating food is somehow elevated beyond the fact that this is something you and I experience every day.

Anyway  the Washington Post is probably not going to send it’s food critic to La Stalla (‘The Stable’) anytime soon, but don’t worry because we have been there and are happy to report back for you.

Not being particularly snobby eaters we decided to go for the set menu deal, which gives you a few variations on a three course meal.  Drink not included but the set menu option only costs €13.50 so we won’t complain.

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Goldie’s Cafe, Msida

Looking for a full English breakfast?  No problem friend, you will find them all over the island.

Burger and chips? As far as the eye can see.

If you fancy something a little more local, then there is a pastizzeria just around the corner.

Healthy option you say?  Ehhhh…..

Well Goldie’s Cafe in Msida manages the tricky combination of healthy and delicious.  A rarity indeed, especially away from the Euro-hub of Sliema/St Julians.

It is a very nicely appointed little cafe, with artistic flourishes on the walls and in the preparation of the food.  Lots of variations on wraps and salads, and the menu specials change to reflect the fresh ingredients delivered that day.

One example of this was this very delicious wrap.






On a return visit I tried the orange and red cabbage juice – in suitably hipster-ish container- which was advertised as a way to ‘completely protect yourself from cancer development’.  I feel this may be something of an exaggeration, but it was tasty and most probably very healthy too.


orange and red cabbage juice


I also went for this Tower Sandwich filled with salmon, crab, onion, tuna, egg, mayo and topped with pineapple.  It was amazing, up there with Leaning of Pisa and Bridge as one of the best Towers I have encountered.


Goldies cafe is one of the best on the island although it is tricky to find so check out their website for more info.  I just wish I had stumbled across it before now.


Restaurant Review: Theo’s (Mdina)

This is a Greek/Turkish/Calabrian restaurant located on Mdina’s main street near
the cathedral.  (In case you’re wondering, Calabria forms the “toe” of Italy’s distinctively leg and boot shaped country.  If you are not familiar with Turkey or Greece then you should probably stick to Burger King for now).

We got there before seven, which turned out to be too early, as they weren’t open.  Not only that but there were no signs in evidence, meaning that we wandered up and down the street a few times in ever more irritated fashion until they decided to open up for business.

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Restaurant Review: Malet Restaurant

There are a lot of restaurants and cafes in Bugibba serving up standard fare and sea views for lunch and dinner.  Nothing wrong with that of course – when you visit a hot country it’s nice to be able to enjoy your steak and chips al fresco, with the sun on your back.

However, if you want to try some real Maltese cuisine while you’re out here, (like the rabbit in the photo above), you might want to check out Malet restaurant on St Simon’s Street instead.   Continue reading