Twistees: Malta’s Favourite Snack

Malta loves Twistees, the iconic crispy type snack doing it’s best to fly the flag for Malta versus the Doritos, Walkers and Pringles of this world.

The packaging has a rather Olde Worlde appearance, at least if the 1980’s qualify as Olde Worlde.

twistees malta


So what do Twistees actually taste like?

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How to get a TEFL Qualification in Malta

In order to teach English in Malta, you’ve got to have a certificate from a recognised school stating that you’ve completed an EFL course of at least 60 hours in length.   So why not kill two birds with one stone, and come out here to get your qualification before (hopefully) starting work in a school

And doing the course over here gives you an instant contact with the school where you take it.

The following schools offer courses of 60 hours (induction courses) and are all recognised by the Maltese department of education at time of writing:

  • ACE English
  • Chamber College
  • EASY School of Languages
  • EC Malta
  • EF Malta
  • ELA Malta
  • Inlingua Malta
  • Maltalingua
  • NSTS
  • Skylark School of English

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Bus Strike for Thursday.

bus strike thursday

So the bus drivers union has called a bus strike for Thursday (tomorrow) from 08.00 to 11.00 and from 16.00 to 19.00.

Targeting people who have to work, basically.

So who exactly is in the right here?  You won’t find a newspaper journalist who’s actually investigated the facts of the matter.

Here’s what they are saying (as I understand it):

Bus Company:  “The drivers agreed to work X hours per month, for which we will pay them Y.  As some drivers worked less than X hours, their pay is reduced so they get less than Y.”

Bus Workers Union:  “The company agreed to pay the drivers Y per month.  They did not pay Y, and so the strike has been called.”

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Best Full English Breakfast in Malta?: Knickerbocker Cafe, Qawra

Let’s start with a positive, because there is altogether too much negativity on the internet these days.

On a sunny day in Malta, it is quite pleasant to be able to sit outside and have your meal, and you can do that here.  Albeit on a rather scruffy patch of land within hailing distance of the bus terminal in Qawra.  So that’s good.

However if you come here with a hunger for a delicious English breakfast, then keep walking friend.

knickerbocker cafe malta

Take a look at the picture above, and tell me what you see there that doesn’t look great.

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Peter’s Pool, Marsaxlokk

(Saint) Peter’s Pool near Marsaxlokk is one of the more photogenic swimming spots on the island.  And there is a lot of competition for that particular category.

You can dive into azure blue waters for a swim or lounge on the flat rocks to soak up summer rays, in relative peace and quiet compared to most beaches in Malta.

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New Bus Tickets in Malta: Bad News for Tourists?

tallinja card malta busFirst the good news.  The new bus card (the “tallinja” card*) will mean that for just €26 you can take as many bus trips per month as you like.   This is exactly the same price as the existing 30 day card.

So I guess the ‘good news’ is that prices are not going to increase under the new regime, at least not so long as you have a personalised tallinja card, which you can apply for online or at a ticket booth in Valletta or Bugibba or anywhere else you can find one.

(A little side-note here:  I applied online, and after initially rejecting me due to my ‘Alien’ status, they fixed the glitches so I was able to register using my Maltese ID card.  Now I have to wait until June when they will email/text me to say that my card can be picked up from my local council office).

These cards will have your name and photo on them, and so they cannot be used by or loaned to anyone else.

As most tourists won’t be able to register for this card, does that mean they are going to be forced to pay higher bus ticket prices?

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