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New Arrival in Malta: More Paperwork!

Here is an update from new Maltese arrival Ali as she wades through the red tape to get her documents sorted out: As promised, here is part two, finally, of my journey of getting paperwork done in Malta. Settling into my new life and new job means I’ve been a […]

bugibba summer carnival

Bugibba Summer Carnival

How to get more people out to Bugibba, mused the local council. And preferably get them to stay into the evening so all those restaurants and souvenir shops get a proper windfall. Well what is more likely to attract hordes of pic-snapping tourists than a lively summer carnival featuring colourful […]

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Tourist Traps! Things to Avoid in Malta

Sure, Malta is a beautiful little island, crammed with history, owning a unique cultural identity and boasting more sunshine that anywhere else on the continent. That goes without saying. But nowhere is perfect, and there are some things that visitors to the island would be well-advised to avoid.  Here are […]


Top 5 Historical Sites in Valletta

Valletta is the smallest capital city in the European Union, but it manages to pack a surprising amount inside of those sturdy city walls. Good things in small packages, that sort of thing. And Valletta crams a whole lot of culture and history into very little space. I mean, the […]


Dirty Beaches in Malta

Come enjoy the beautiful ashtrays  – sorry –beaches of Malta! It is a sad fact that some of the beaches in this country are just a disgrace, and this is not one of those things that people can start blaming ‘immigrants’ for.  And no, it’s not just those pesky tourists either. […]