Ghar Dalam Cave and Museum

Just outside Birzebugga you can find the Ghar Dalam cave, Malta’s oldest prehistoric site.  Evidence of human habitation dating back more than 7,000 years was found here, as well as the fossilised bones of extinct creatures such as pygmy elephants and hippos. The museum is basically a large collection of […]

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Terrible Tripadvisor Reviews of Malta

Most things about Malta are amazing, we all know that.  However there are some people who just cannot be satisfied, and many of those good folk will go right to Tripadvisor to express their displeasure. The following comments are all from the “1 Star” category of the Tripadvisor site, and […]


The Lost Chapel of Bones in Valletta

At the beginning of the 1600’s, Malta was still ruled by the Knights of the Order of St John.  One of these knights, Fra Giorgio Nibbia, had a chapel erected near the Sacra Infermia, the main hospital in Malta which was used to treat Maltese and foreigners, as well as […]

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Goldie’s Cafe, Msida

Looking for a full English breakfast?  No problem friend, you will find them all over the island. Burger and chips? As far as the eye can see. If you fancy something a little more local, then there is a pastizzeria just around the corner. Healthy option you say?  Ehhhh….. Well […]

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Malta Beaches: Gnejna Bay

This  is a scruffy sort of a beach, what you might call ‘unspoiled’ if you were feeling generous. The beach is in the North West of the island, and pretty difficult to get to unless you have your own transport, which means that it is not one of the more […]

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Malta Beaches: Pretty Bay

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the prettiness or otherwise of ‘Pretty Bay’ in Birzebugga depends on your perspective. From one vantage point it’s all blue sea and sailboats bobbing gently in the surf…   …but glance over to the right and you are […]