Mosta: Nothing Special.

Mosta Rotunda

Mosta Rotunda


Home of the famous Mosta Rotunda, the impressive church with the fourth largest unsupported dome in the World, or something like that.  (Third largest, I just googled it).

So you should probably visit, as you can take some good photographs and it’s a nice looking building.  There’s also a replica of a WW2 bomb in the vestry.

A street in Mosta.

A street in Mosta.

Mosta itself though?  I probably wouldn’t bother – hence the title of this piece.  It’s a pretty uninspiring town, just the usual shops, no particularly enticing bars or restaurants that I noticed.  I’m sure it’s a perfectly nice place to live, but I could not find any compelling reason for a touristic visit.

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high temperatures malta

It is Hot.

Almost every conversation starts with a variation of the above these days, you can’t help it.  Temperatures in Malta are in the mid to high thirties, but yesterday we were warned that in built up areas it would feel like 43ºC (that’s about 109ºF, American readers). 

Bear in mind that it’s tricky to find a part of Malta that could not be described as a ‘built up area’.

People are lolling, semi-conscious, in crowded buses where the air conditioner just can’t keep up with the temperatures inside.  Tourists wander the streets in states of undress which would probably lead to a policeman approaching them with a blanket and a stern warning if they were back at home.  The beaches are crowded, ice-cream and water are the most prized of commodities and any activities involving physical activity are shunned in favour of slumping near a fan with your mouth hanging open.

It’s hot!




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How to Get a Driving Licence in Malta

driving licence malta

Okay here’s the mandatory stuff.  If you can’t tick both of these boxes then forget about getting your licence in Malta for now.  So you must be 18 years old, and you must have been resident in Malta for at least 6 months, with a Maltese ID card to prove it.

If you are eligible, then the first thing you have to do is find yourself a driving instructor.  There are plenty to choose from, covering all points on the island.  You can change later if you want, but you must apply for the licence via a school or licenced instructor.

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New Tallinja Bus Card for Tourists

tallinja bus card malta














First off, I have to give a tip of the cap to the Spanish company* operating the bus services.  They have managed to get this prepaid card scheme up and running in months, a feat which Arriva proved totally unable to do during its shambolic 2 year tenure in charge of the buses in Malta.

As has been noted here and elsewhere however, the system now heavily penalises bus passengers who do not have one of these cards.  Tourists, for example.

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New Arrival in Malta: Sorting out the Paperwork

This is a special guest post from Ali, a new arrival to these shores from the UK.  Like all of us she had to go through the grind of getting that paperwork done, and here is how she got on:

Getting Official Paperwork done in Malta 26.06.15


Getting Official Paperwork done in Malta – Part 1

Having lived in Malta on and off for two years while I was working on a superyacht based on the island and after what felt like the longest winter ever back in the UK, my partner and I decided to take the leap and move to the sunshine permanently.

There was one condition: one of us had to get a job before we moved. And as luck (or several months of applying for jobs from the UK) would have it, I secured a job in Malta at the end of May. I arrived last week in order to settle in, move into our apartment and get the official paperwork completed.

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Best Full English in Malta?: La Piazza, Rabat


Sometimes it only takes a couple of forkfuls to realise that you have got a really top quality English breakfast in front of you.

On the other hand, it also takes about the same period of time to start fearing that what you are eating may result in your meeting an untimely demise later in the day.

While neither outcome proved true in the case of La Piazza, I certainly felt a queasy sensation of unease as I prodded at the dish which was set before me.

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