Monday, 1 September 2014

This Week in Malta: Practical Jokes Gone Wrong and Expensive Tents

Monday:  Not much happened on Monday.

Tuesday:  The oldest ship in the Med is  a couple of kilometres off the coast of Gozo.  The Phoenician vessel is 2700 years old, but it's not going anywhere fast as it's been lying on the seabed for most of that time.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Ggantija Temple - Gozo

This is the most visited cultural attraction in Malta, if the brochure is to be believed.

gigantija temple gozo

So I really should have made it my business to get along to this Temple before now, but better late than never.  Anyway, it wasn't going anywhere fast.

For many years it was believed that this massive stone edifice was constructed by giants, hence the name.  You can see why when you get up close and personal to it, as it would have taken quite some time and effort to heft and wedge these huge chunks of rock into place.

Monday, 25 August 2014

This Week in Malta: Buckets, Bikinis and Bathroom Breaks

Monday 18th: As the photo above shows, Maltese people are learning to embrace the sun's natural energy.  Perhaps it's better to rely on the sun to toast your bread, given the recent woes related to the energy grid.

Tuesday: Speaking of which... those residents worst affected by last weeks blackout are being offered €25 off their bills in compensation for enduring 12 hours straight without electricity.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Sponsored Feature: Rolling Geeks

Something about this idea just caught my attention.

It was probably the talking robot cars: that generally does the trick.

 So the good people at have come up with a rather novel way to see the Three Cities, just south of Valletta.  Rather than trudging about the place on your boring old legs, like a regular human, you can spin about the place in a GPS enabled buggy which gives you the low-down on everything that you're seeing.

They will even do you up a picnic, and you can buy tickets for the various museums and attractions through them - no queuing required.

It's pretty original, and certainly unique on the island, so check them out at their website.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Two Famous Statues of Christ in Malta

Two statues of Jesus, in two very contrasting environments.

First we have the Statue of the Risen Christ, which sits atop a hill in Gozo, near Marsalforn. The hill in question - Tal-Merżuq Hill - has been the subject of legend for many a year. Although to be honest, Malta is such a small place that any slight geographical anomaly has probably got about fifteen legends to it's name.