Thursday, 20 November 2014

'The Amazing Race' comes to Malta!

Amazing Race Malta

If you are not American, it is quite possible that you are not familiar with the TV show: The Amazing Race.  It's not made much of a splash in Europe, for example*, although I believe that there was a Norwegian version at one time.  Basically it features a bunch of two person teams racing around the world and completing challenges as they go, in a race to win the series and a nice prize of one million dollars.

The show is now on it's (count 'em) 25th series on Friday night network TV in the States.  It is one of the biggest reality TV franchises going, consistently pulling in decent ratings of 5-7 million per episode, and this season it paid a visit to Malta for the first time ever, in an episode to be shown in the US this week.

In other words, many millions of Americans will have just gotten their first ever look at Malta.  Let's face it, the vast majority will never have heard of Malta before, or if they have heard the name will have only the shakiest notion as to where it is.

So what exactly will they see?

Saturday, 15 November 2014

How to Spend a Perfect Day in St Paul's Bay

Top Things to do in St Pauls Bay Malta

So what is there to do in this small seaside town in the North of Malta?

Enough to keep you busy for a day at the very least, and I should know, I live here.

Here are my suggested activities for a fun-filled day in St Paul's Bay:

Breakfast:  I have to include a breakfast here, given that I've tried enough of them.  Fruit salad?  Half a grapefruit and an iced tea?   Nope.  Try (1) Tal Pjazza restaurant just off Bugibba Square for a hearty English breakfast with all the trimmings.  You can have a game of pool there too if you want.

Morning (Summer):  You will need some exercise after that, so why not sign up for some diving with one of the schools in the area?  If you are feeling slightly less energetic, then pay €10 for a snorkel mask and swim around closer to the shore, interspersed with some sun-bathing on Bugibba's (2) sandy beach.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Rabbits have a hard time in Malta...

Best Full English in Malta?: Buccaneers Bar & Cafe, Bugibba

This is not an expensive breakfast at just four quid, but it would be fair to say that the plate does not exactly overflow with food.

One sausage, which always disappoints and saddens me, and they don't go overboard with the other ingredients either.  In fact it's one of pretty much everything except the beans.

Okay, and the potato McHash efforts as well.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Restaurant Review: Theo's (Mdina)

This is a Greek/Turkish/Calabrian restaurant located on Mdina's main street near
the cathedral.  (In case you're wondering, Calabria forms the "toe" of Italy's distinctively leg and boot shaped country.  If you are not familiar with Turkey or Greece then you should probably stick to Burger King for now).

We got there before seven, which turned out to be too early, as they weren't open.  Not only that but there were no signs in evidence, meaning that we wandered up and down the street a few times in ever more irritated fashion until they decided to open up for business.