Moving to Malta: The Checklist

Thinking about relocating to Malta for a life in the sun?  Here are a few things you will need to think about:
1.Have you got a Visa?  If you’re a citizen of the European Union then you don’t need one.  Otherwise check out this page for more info.
2. Find a place to live.  Sliema is the main place for working and shopping, so that’s where a lot of people start looking.
3. Get an ID card.  This will make a lot of things (like number 7) a lot easier. Continue reading

Job Agencies in Malta


Fortunately enough, Malta has not been hit too badly by the tides of economic doom and gloom which have swept over much of Europe (5.85% unemployment as of the third quarter of 2014, compared to the Eurozone average of 11.4%*).  So there are plenty of jobs in Malta.  Which is good!

So if you’ve got the right skills, it’s probably worth considering working in the sun for a while.  At least that was my thinking, and I got a job within a week of landing here.  If you are looking for casual jobs, it’s going to be a case of knocking on doors and handing out C.V.s.  You can also check out the Malta Times listings for vacancies, although a lot of them will require you to be able to speak Maltese, which is not something to be attempted by the faint-hearted non-native.  For something a little more permanent, you will need to check out the various job agencies/sites available here.  To help you out a little, here are some of the more prominent ones offering jobs in Malta:

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What’s a Good Salary in Malta? – Updated

It is always difficult to discover exactly how much people pay or get paid in wages.  Potentially embarrassing dinner party conversation, don’t you know.  But I have done some digging around on the internet to try to come up with an answer for you.   A lot of sites ask people to enter their own wage and job type and work on estimates that way, but I’m guessing this attracts the type of person with a better salary, not to mention encouraging them to exaggerate a little, so I will try to stick to more reliable sources.

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How to get a job as an English Teacher in Malta

 First things first – to work as a TEFL teacher in Malta you need to get a teaching permit from the Education department here in Floriana.  The requirements for this are simple enough:
  • Recognised TEFL certificate (minimum 60 hour course)
  • A-level qualifications (or equivalent such as Leaving Certificate from Ireland)Required A-level qualifications (or equivalent such as Leaving Certificate from Ireland)
  • Police Conduct certificate
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate

How to get a Visa in Malta – Non-EU Citizens

(By popular demand, I have written an extended version of my previous post on the visa issue.)
I was fortunate enough (in terms of travelling if nothing else) to be born within that block of countries that we call the European Union.  Makes life simpler at airports.  If you are from outside of that group of disparate nations, then getting a long-term visa for Malta becomes a little more complicated.  I am no lawyer, as eagle-eyed readers of these posts may have noticed, but I’m going to share what I know about the whole messy business here: