Can I work/live in Malta?:  If you are an EU citizen then it’s not a problem, just pack your bags and hop on a flight.  For anyone from outside of the EU it becomes a lot more complicated.  The most common ways for 3rd country nationals to get a residence visa is through family/relationships or work.

Is it easy to find work?:  Depends what type of work.  You will generally find opportunities in Tourism, Construction, Catering and iGaming although other professions are more difficult.  Obviously any tourism-related jobs are seasonal, with summer season running from April to October.  Generally speaking the Maltese economy was not as badly affected by the financial crises as many other countries.

Where should I stay in Malta?:  If you are coming here to work, then probably somewhere around Sliema – Swieqi and Gzira are nearby and offer better value.   St Paul’s/Bugibba is popular with older UK visitors in particular, while the younger kids and students usually like to be within stumbling distance of Paceville.   If you really want to get away from it all then maybe Gozo is for you.

Is Malta expensive?:  Not compared to Northern Europe, although unfortunately the salaries don’t compare either so that is only an advantage for tourists rather than residents.  You can easily go for a decent restaurant meal for 2 with a bottle of wine thrown in for less than €50, if that helps.

What’s the weather like?:  Malta has more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in Europe, so if you come here between April and October you will be unlucky if it is anything other than shorts and t-shirts weather.  July and August can be too hot for some, while the winter months are colder than you may imagine, and generally not much fun.


Anything I forgot to mention?  Just contact us at howtomalta@hotmail.com, and we’ll do our best to answer any of your questions.


4 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. This message is simply to compliment you on your guidance. I am in the process of re-locating to Malta and your ‘How to’ guides have proved invaluable.

  2. Fantastic website! One of…..if not The best online guide for moving to Malta. Great job.

    Sections on the best live music venues would be welcomed including other activities such as flying schools, clay & target shooting included in the guide as we understand there are both on the island.

    All the best.

    • Thanks, we do our best! I believe that there’s a clay pigeon range at Bidnija, a tiny village in the North of the island. The Malta school of flying is located at the airport, but I don’t have any more information than that as I prefer to keep my feet on the ground whenever possible…

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