Malta Beaches: Gnejna Bay

This  is a scruffy sort of a beach, what you might call ‘unspoiled’ if you were feeling generous.

The beach is in the North West of the island, and pretty difficult to get to unless you have your own transport, which means that it is not one of the more crowded beaches on the island.


I get the impression that a lot of beaches in Malta used to look something like this, before the big tourist boom that attracts a million people to the island every year.  It’s what I imagine a Maltese beach looked like in the seventies, nothing too fancy, just a couple of take-away joints selling burgers and ice-creams, and seaweed scattered around the sand.


There are water sports available if that’s your thing, otherwise it’s not the worst place to spend a sunny afternoon.  As I say, this is one of the more remote beaches in the North of the island so best have your own car if you are planning a trip to Gnejna Bay.



Malta Beaches: Pretty Bay

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the prettiness or otherwise of ‘Pretty Bay’ in Birzebugga depends on your perspective.

From one vantage point it’s all blue sea and sailboats bobbing gently in the surf…

pretty bay


…but glance over to the right and you are greeted by the site of a working port and gigantic shipping containers.

pretty bay

Still, you shouldn’t let that put you off.  Birzebugga is in the south of the island, and a popular place for expats who want to escape the throngs found in more northerly towns like Sliema or Bugibba.  It has a nice airy feel, and the beach – although artificially created – is perfectly nice too.  The water is less choppy than on the other side of the island, and gets deeper gradually here meaning that it’s a good place to go with the kids.


Plenty of shops and restaurants nearby mean that you won’t starve, and being in the south means less tourists crowding onto the sand.  Although our first impressions of the place weren’t great, this beach grew on us, and Pretty Bay seemed like a pretty good description of this beach by the end of the day.

Peter’s Pool, Marsaxlokk

(Saint) Peter’s Pool near Marsaxlokk is one of the more photogenic swimming spots on the island.  And there is a lot of competition for that particular category.

You can dive into azure blue waters for a swim or lounge on the flat rocks to soak up summer rays, in relative peace and quiet compared to most beaches in Malta.

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Secluded Beach (not Gnejna Bay)

At the weekend I decided to go and check out Gnejna Bay, given that the sun was shining and I didn’t have much else on.  I have previously spent time sitting on the sands of the popular Golden By, and the slightly less popular (but certainly no less attractive) Ghajn Tuffieha, so reckoned it was worth making the extra effort to stop in on their neighbouring beach.