Bar Review: Fat Harry’s Pub, Bugibba

This is one of the most prominent boozers in the area, located right on the main square in Bugibba.
Luckily enough, it is also one of the best.

They’ve got plenty of seats outside, and a appropriately dimly lit interior with all the assorted oddments you like to see hanging off walls in pubs.

fat harrys bugibba
When it gets a bit warmer you can sit outside in the covered outdoor area and watch people swelter in the sun as you get into a cold Cisk. Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Theo’s (Mdina)

This is a Greek/Turkish/Calabrian restaurant located on Mdina’s main street near
the cathedral.  (In case you’re wondering, Calabria forms the “toe” of Italy’s distinctively leg and boot shaped country.  If you are not familiar with Turkey or Greece then you should probably stick to Burger King for now).

We got there before seven, which turned out to be too early, as they weren’t open.  Not only that but there were no signs in evidence, meaning that we wandered up and down the street a few times in ever more irritated fashion until they decided to open up for business.

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Restaurant Review: Malet Restaurant

There are a lot of restaurants and cafes in Bugibba serving up standard fare and sea views for lunch and dinner.  Nothing wrong with that of course – when you visit a hot country it’s nice to be able to enjoy your steak and chips al fresco, with the sun on your back.

However, if you want to try some real Maltese cuisine while you’re out here, (like the rabbit in the photo above), you might want to check out Malet restaurant on St Simon’s Street instead.   Continue reading

Saint Patrick’s Day in St Paul’s Bay… but which Irish Pub to choose?

If there is one thing that St Paul’s/Bugibba has a huge number of, it’s libraries.

Wait.  Did I say libraries?

I meant pubs.  In fact I haven’t seen a library since I’ve been here, but there is certainly no shortage of pubs – so plenty of options for a pint of the black stuff on St. Patrick’s Day.  Come with me on a brief tour:
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