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Listen, people get paid to write reviews of fancy restaurants.  They tend to use a lot of adjectives to give the impression that the business of cooking food, serving food and eating food is somehow elevated beyond the fact that this is something you and I experience every day.

Anyway  the Washington Post is probably not going to send it’s food critic to La Stalla (‘The Stable’) anytime soon, but don’t worry because we have been there and are happy to report back for you.

Not being particularly snobby eaters we decided to go for the set menu deal, which gives you a few variations on a three course meal.  Drink not included but the set menu option only costs €13.50 so we won’t complain.

Most of the servers are gentlemen of a certain vintage, a fact which we appreciate because they seem to be pleased when you are pleased, and don’t have that disdainful what-time-is-my-shift-over vibe you sometimes get from your twenty-something waiter/waitress.  After ordering and along with the drinks we got a free bigilla dip with bread and crackers.   Good.  Good start.



Next up was the starter.   I went for marrow soup and Daniela had a pasta carbonara.  So we were talking about this and that and WHAT THE  &%$* is THAT!  THAT’s not a starter!  To any normal human, this plate is a perfectly acceptable lunch on its own, but apparently La Stalla aim higher.



Like I say, I just had the soup, which was somewhat less impressive looking but tasted pretty good.
 marrow soup malta


I had to muck in and help D. out with the pasta starter, so we are both getting on for full when the next course arrives.


You are kidding me.



This was a very tasty half a chicken.  I didn’t even bother taking a photo of the shrimp ‘n’ chips I went for, but you get the idea.  It was good too, and similarly enormous.

You’re not done yet though, as there’s a slice of cake thrown in too.  I’m aware that some people will look at these photos and think ‘I’ve picked bigger portions out of my beard’.  If that is the case, then you sir need to speak with a professional dietitian.  For the rest of you, trust me when I say that by the time the Tiramisu arrives you won’t be looking for seconds.

Seriously.  I am a light-heavyweight, had not eaten breakfast, and by the end of this little lot all I craved was a siesta.

Just a reminder folks: €13.50.  They are unlikely to be awarded any of those Michelin stars, but quite frankly, who cares.



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One thought on “La Stalla Restaurant, St Paul’s Bay

  1. Based on this post, we tried La Stalla, and our first visit was similar to yours – our waiter was very “experienced”, we were treated like special friends, and the food was *abundant*.

    We have been back twice since then, and we have not been impressed. They still put a lot of energy into making you feel like a VIP when you walk in, but they are so focused on that, that they seem to forget about actual service – food items come out under or over cooked, or incorrect, or not at all, the knives have to be replaced because they aren’t sharp enough to cut anything, the waiters (now 20-somethings, not attentive pros) hover or disappear. And be careful where you sit – the tables are small and crowded together, so if you are near a large group, it gets very loud and jostly.

    And once we got past the first visit and the “omg that is enough food for a village” eye-popping, and actually took the time to taste the food, it was only mediocre. In three visits, we have tried six appetizers and six mains, and not one meal was memorable.

    If anyone has suggestions for restaurants in Malta that haven’t caved in to the American and British demand for huge portions, rather than really great food, please post! La Stalla is good enough for a moderately-priced, filling meal out once in a while, but I would love to find the places that put quality over quantity.

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