Terrible Tripadvisor Reviews of Malta

Most things about Malta are amazing, we all know that.  However there are some people who just cannot be satisfied, and many of those good folk will go right to Tripadvisor to express their displeasure.

The following comments are all from the “1 Star” category of the Tripadvisor site, and while they don’t necessarily reflect the feelings of the authors, we certainly defend their right to an opinion!:


Blue Lagoon:  “Not worth going to”

Travelled to the lagoon on a speed boat ,probably the best part of the trip. The lagoon itself is gorgeous, the colour of the sea is beautiful but it’s just packed with people. Deck chairs and umbrellas have to be hired if you are thinking of staying a while otherwise you would roast under the blazing heat. Nothing really to do there , half an hour is really enough, the area is rocky so you need to be careful where you walk as I did see some one being carried on a stretcher. Wouldn’t really recommend it just google the pictures . <Daksha-parmar (UK)>

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Hypogeum: “What a Terrible Shambles!!!
Oh dear, oh dear…I really didn’t want to give this place a “terrible” as it is quite possibly the oldest known massive architectural pre history monument outside of Zimbabwe but the only redeeming factor I can give is that at least i have seen the 7000 year old mausoleum.

The tour started bad from the minute I entered…i went up to the desk and got blanked by the three security guards that run the site…there are no tour guides.
The security guard saw us to a room with seven boards with writing on which we were told to read and then he was very insistent that our boxes were set to channel 22…we then had to sit incomplete silence, holding these boxes to our ears listening to not very interesting stories about Malta that had very little to do with the Hypogeum. Finally we got to go down to the hypogeum itself…we were trundled from point to point listening to more stories, most of which ended with “This is what we believe…you make your own minds up” as they have no knowledge about any of it…just guess work. At no point were we allowed to revel in its awesomeness…just herded from point to point in cramped conditions in almost complete darkness with the security guard shining his torch on things half heartedly for brief seconds….
…and all this for thirty Euros…..shocking.   <thevontrapps – (UK)>

Azure Window: “Not worth it”

Not worth visiting the Azure window, because it is falling down and will soon be reduced to a pile of rubble. <romolus865>


Paceville: “Awful”

Paceville really is the cheapest and tackiest place I’ve ever been. Nothing but drunk teenagers falling all over the streets lined with strip clubs and promotional bars. To be avoided if you have any class or dignity! <DIAMOND89 (Ireland)>

St Johns Co-Cathedral: “Disliked it”

Why should you pay to visit a church? My grandfather and I snuck in via the exit :). Wear something on your shoulders as they don’t allow bare shoulders. If your not dressed properly they will give you a shawl. The church is spooky with graves all over the floor with creepy pictures of dead corpses, skulls and pagan symbols. Why pagan symbols in a church? Didnt like it at all.   <MsBorda (Australia)>

Mosta Rotunda:  “Not the third largest dome”
It doesn’t even list in the top twenty. As an “unsupported” dome it ranks. It’s like saying “green domes with a hint of yellow”. Nothing makes it remarkable except perhaps the difficulty in getting to it. Malta has a lot of things going for it but this is not one of them.  <Roger (UK)>

Ggantija Megalithic Temples: “Only for fans”

If you do not have a specific interest in old stones scratched with the names of the people who have visited may skip this stop. The price to see the stones is 9 eur.  <Luigi M>

Mdina:  “Bedlam is quieter

Once known as the Silent City it is anything but. It is not quiet or peaceful and not pleasant. Too many tourists, including me, and those b horse and carts should be banned from entering it. They are noisy and you jump out the way or you will get run down. I have nothing good to say about this place.  <MikeT (UK)>


Blue Grotto:  “Run Away, Tourist TRAP, Save yourself!”

This location and especially the Boat rides to it is a complete rip off! But it gets worse, the man promised me that we would be able to get out and explore the caves and jump in if we so desired. After this they cram you in a tiny boat with 9 other people. The entire tour lasted 15-20 minutes at most, Most of which is actually boating to the location. The trip is 8 EURO a person thats 72 euro they make per boat. Once we arrived back we asked for our money back because it was a horrible tour! Dont get me wrong its beautiful but not worth it or what its promised!!!! they Guy then begins to curse at me in-front of my girlfriend and other couples (EVEN WITH CHILDREN)!!! After refusing to give me a refund I asked for the business card to write a bad review and he refused to give it. I reached in his window and grabbed one and the her proceeded to grab me punch me in the face and then him and the other boat partners held me down while he choked me. Lucky my Girlfriend jumped on them to get them to stop. The police came and said that punching isnt a crime in malta. So just be warned!!!! But who punches someone for saying they will write a bad review? So truly Run from this place DONT go. the Azure window on GOZO is much better anyways…. <Todd-No TourTraps (USA)>


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2 thoughts on “Terrible Tripadvisor Reviews of Malta

  1. Alot of Maltese people are only friendly to tourists so they can get their business. They do not treat everyone equal and will walk away if they find out there is nothing they can get from the person. Alot of them are overly conceited and have nothing to be conceited about. They do not tell all tourists to drink only bottled water but they all drink bottled water because all the pipes that all the water flows through are ancient and cracked. Malta is over crowded and polluted.

  2. Malta must change all the pipes that the water flows through. The water pipes are cracked and ancient.. These are the pipes that all the water flow through before reaching all hotels and all flats and homes in Malta.

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