Restaurant Review: Aphrodite Taverna, (St Paul’s Bay)

It is fair to say that Aphrodite did not manage to grab a primo piece of real estate on which to open their restaurant.

Rather than trying to describe it’s location, probably easier to just show you on this map:

See what I mean?

Okay let’s assume you’ve managed to find the place.  You will note the Grecian blue and white, and the homey, comfortable bar/cafe vibe inside.  There’s a reasonably large Greek-Mediterranean menu offering all that you would expect from such an establishment.  They are going for a bar with food sort of a feel, rather than a straight-up restaurant, so we went for a couple of cold Mythos beers along with some tasty calamari. 

The genial hosts (from the UK and Serbia) are very genial indeed, and were most engaging company.

If you fancy getting your tarot cards read or fortune divined I am sure they will be glad to accommodate you, as they are also practitioners of such mysterious arts.  I can’t say that I’m much of a believer in such things, but then I am a pretty cynical individual.

All in all the Aphrodite Taverna is certainly worth checking out for some Grecian cuisine and a couple of cocktails.

Update: Apparently about 60% of restaurants fail within the first 3 years of opening, and I’m afraid that Aphrodite has joined that sorry statistic, along with a number of establishments reviewed on these pages.   So if you are looking for Greek food in St Paul’s Bay, you will need to keep journeying north up to Xemxija and the (very good) Zeus restaurant.