Top 10 Things to Do in Mdina & Rabat (and what to avoid)

The Silent City of Mdina is less famous than Valletta, but certainly equally worth visiting, and adjacent Rabat contains a few notable attractions too.   See how many of these you have been to:

10. The Mdina Experience
A video presentation taking you through a history of the city

9. Knights of Malta
Waxwork exhibitions telling the tale of the knights in Malta

8. Palazzo de Piro
This 17th century Palazzo is now a centre for arts and theatre in Mdina

7. St Paul’s Church & Grotto
Supposedly St Paul spent his time in Malta in this underground grotto

6. Mdina Glass
The ultimate Mdina souvenir, and most of the shops here sell it.

5. Mdina Dungeons
Okay I’m probably listing this too high – but I just like this gruesome little waxworks of horrors.

4. Domus Romana (Roman Villa)
The best-maintained reminder of the Ancient Roman’s stay on these islands..

3. St Agatha’s & St Paul’s Catacombs
An atmospheric trip through time in these catacombs, and you can also visit St Agatha’s crypt and church.

2. Cake and Views at the Fontanella
Up at the top of the ramparts you can enjoy delicious cake and even better views of the surrounding region.

fontanella mdina

1. Walk through the Silent City streets
The best way to experience Mdina is just by walking through it.  Start at the imposing gate (which features in Game of Thrones) and just go for a wander.  Only residents are allowed to drive so traffic is not an issue.

And what to avoid?  Well apart from overpriced miniature models of knights, the Natural History Museum is really not up to much.  It has the air of a place which has been neglected for a long time, a jumble of exhibitions, and not recommended.


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