How to Spend a Perfect Day in St Paul’s Bay

So what is there to do in this small seaside town in the North of Malta?

Enough to keep you busy for a day at the very least, and I should know, I live here.

Here are my suggested activities for a fun-filled day in St Paul’s Bay:

Breakfast:  I have to include a breakfast here, given that I’ve tried enough of them.  Fruit salad?  Half a grapefruit and an iced tea?   Nope.  Try (1) Tal Pjazza restaurant just off Bugibba Square for a hearty English breakfast with all the trimmings.  You can have a game of pool there too if you want.

Morning (Summer):  You will need some exercise after that, so why not sign up for some diving with one of the schools in the area?  If you are feeling slightly less energetic, then pay €10 for a snorkel mask and swim around closer to the shore, interspersed with some sun-bathing on Bugibba’s (2) sandy beach.

Top Things to do in St Pauls Bay Malta
Morning (Winter):  If it’s too cold for a dip, stop into the (3) National Aquarium in Qawra to look at some of our aquatic pals.  Then you can take a walk along the coast, down as far as the (4) Wignacourt Tower if the weather’s not too bad.  (It probably won’t be too bad: this is Malta).

Lunch: Try a Maltese platter in the (5) 1930’s Carpentry Wine Bar-Cafe.  And maybe a glass of wine if you feel like it, they say it’s good for the heart.

Afternoon:  It’s not one of the more famous tourist destinations on the island, but I recommend a trip to the (6) National Bird Park in Salina.  It’s a bit of a walk, but you may need that after your Maltese lunch.  Especially if you didn’t stick to just the one glass of wine.

Evening:  Fancy a cocktail big enough to bathe a small child in?  I know just the place: (7) O’Reilly’s Pub.  They serve other stuff too, and you can sneakily watch a Sporting Event on the big screens if that’s your thing.

Dinner:  Is it dinner time already?  Well it will take you less than a minute to walk over to the (8) Venus restaurant.  Longer if you’ve had a couple of those enormous cocktails.  (Might be a good idea to make a reservation first in either case, as this place gets busy).

Evening/Night: By this time you’ve had an enormous cocktail and a few healthy glasses of red wine, so you’re probably feeling lucky.  There’s only one place to go, and that’s the (9) Oracle Casino.  Bring ID so they can sign you in, and a big plastic bag to carry all your winnings back to the hotel.



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