Duck Village in Malta

duck village malta

 What can you say about a village designed for ducks?  

I can’t think of much so I guess I will let the pictures tell the tale.  As a charitable venture, various good citizens have established a refuge for our feathered friends, a place where they can rest easy, untroubled by hunters or cats.  It’s nice.  If you find yourself in Gzira (you may have gotten off the bus at the wrong stop) why not wander up to Manoel Island to look at ducks and put a euro in the collection box.  Be nice to a duck today.

If you are still curious (and of course you are, who wouldn’t be?), then pop along to a website set up by the founding fathers of Duck Village here.

The body of a lifeless teddy swings in the breeze, sending out a chilling warning to all who pass:
 ‘This is a DUCK Village’