Fruit, Vegetables… and Doughnuts

Part of the charm of Malta for many visitors from the UK (and various other locales), is it’s ‘olde worlde’ feel.  I’m talking about the way you can find a blacksmith’s or a cobbler’s in every town, and most of the shops are small family-run places rather than extensions of some corporate entity.  Another manifestation of this is the vans that trundle through every suburb, and set up as fruit & veg stalls in what seems like every second back-street around.  It’s nice to be able to pop downstairs and pick up a couple of fresh tomatoes or a bag full of oranges.

Fruit & Vegetable Van, Malta



A lot of the trucks are delivering their ware direct from local farms, and at pretty decent prices too, so well worth buying some of your groceries here if you come across one of these chaps.

However, these days you can find vans selling somewhat less healthy products on Malta’s winding streets…

If you should hear a vehicle coming down the street with “ĊikkulATA! KREma!” blaring from it’s rooftop speakers, then chances are that The Doughnut Wagon is open for business.  Nice to get some Vitamin Jam I guess, but I’m not sure if doughnuts count as one of your 5-a-day.

Is this phenomenon common in other countries?  Is there another nation so desperate to wolf down glutinous sugary balls of goodness that they can’t even wait until they’ve been delivered to a store? Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention, but I don’t recall seeing such a thing before on my travels. 

So while it’s not going to do much for Malta’s heavyweight reputation, the People Get what the People Want – and good luck to ’em!