How to Get the New Maltese e-Residence ID Card

Passport office Malta, Evan's Building
Evan’s Building, Valletta

There has been a lot of confusion regarding the issuing of these permits, which are to replace the old ID cards. People were being told to set up appointments via email,and deadlines were extended and then extended again.  Basically the system was overloaded, with at lease 10,000 foreigners still waiting for their new card by the end of 2013.  In fact many people are still using the old cards, regardless of whether they have expired or not.  

However, I have taken the plunge and applied for my new permit, so here’s how I did it:

What NOT to do?:
Do not try to make an appointment or to email. This will not help.

Go down to the Evan’s Building in Valletta, shown on the map above.  Follow the signs for the ‘Malta Experience’ and you will find it easily enough.  Ask the nice gentleman standing inside the doors which queue you should join.

Between the hours of 08.30 and 11.30 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.  The earlier you get there the better.  

What do I need to bring?:  
– original & copy of your old ID card (if you have one, otherwise your passport)
– 1 passport-sized photo, white background
– completed documents which you can download from here:
(As an EU citizen who is working here in Malta, I was asked to complete form ID2 and form A)
– original & copy of employment contract or ETC engagement form (if that applies to you)

Or you can request the forms when you get to the Evan’s Building if you are not sure exactly which ones apply in your case.  They will then ask you to either come back the next day or else complete the forms and drop them up to the counter when you are done.  When I went there I didn’t have any forms, and was given the paperwork and told to complete it and come back on Thursday.

What next?:
You wait.  That’s the stage I’m at now.  I will keep you informed of further developments…

4 weeks later…The letter arrived in the post with my codes, telling me that I could go back to the offices in Valletta to pick up my new card.  I brought my old ID card along, and swapped it for the new one, which looks (more or less) like this: 

New Maltese ID card for residents

(I confess to having made a couple of minor modifications to the actual card image, just in the interests of privacy, but you get the idea).

Note: This article deals with the application procedure for non-Maltese residents.  Maltese citizens need to go to a different office, as described here

For a checklist of everything a new arrival to Malta should be getting sorted, check out this page.


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43 thoughts on “How to Get the New Maltese e-Residence ID Card

    • i have completed the process.
      download the forms from the site READ THEM?
      It explains what documents are required.

  1. I hadn’t got a reply to my email for 4 weeks so I went there to get an appointment.
    I fought my way to the door of office 5 and when I realised I couldn’t go in that day a miracle happened. An old dude went out and somebody told me he can arrange just the appointment. I gave him my passport so he put me on some list and gave me a small note with the appointment date: 2-nd of July. He also put down my wife even though she wasn’t there, nor her passport.
    I heard form a friend they had more than 4000 unanswered emails last week.
    Thanks for your efforts to keep our expat community updated.
    Cheers and Happy Easter!

  2. we did ours on 14th Feb, should take 8 weeks, not heard a thing apparently they are “behind” with the paperwork.

  3. The place to go for the E-Residence Card, which will incorporate your identification document (ID) as well as your residence permit, is no longer at the Catille Place offices BUT at EVANS BUILDING, bottom of Merchants Str., Valletta. Hope this helps.

  4. First of all, here´s the positive: I went there about 4 weeks ago on a Wed. morning and there was no lines and the paperwork took about 15 min. to fill out. I was given a number and before i was done with filling out the forms, my number was called already. I didn´t even need the photos that I brought with me as your picture is actually taken right there in the building. The person who took my pic and processed my forms assured me that it shouldn´t take more than 1-2 weeks max. before I would get a letter in the mail stating that my Malta ID is ready to be picked up. So, here´s the Negative now: It´s been over 4 weeks now and STILL no letter. I called them twice. Once after 2 weeks (I was told that it has not been processed yet, but she did confirm that it should take about 1-2 weeks, go figure. The second time I called, the person told me that she wasn´t allowed to give any info out over the phone….again…go figure. I have talked to about a dozen people regarding this issue and I got about a dozen different answers. Some said that it does take about two weeks while others waited about 6 months, but that was apparently a couple of years ago. So, the people that work at the Evans building all said 1-2 weeks, so what the hell is going on? Is there anything that I´m missing here? Does anyone know?

    • I can only say that when I went, I was told the letter would arrive in “four to six weeks”, and I got it more or less exactly in 4 weeks. As for the photos, the first time I went I was told to go home and fill forms, and bring a passport photo with me when I came back. So probably best advice to those who haven’t got the card yet is to take a photo with you when you go in there.

  5. I’m about to jump of a high building! This is the most informative site I’ve found just by googling this matter. I applied for residency in 2008 and hold a registration certificate and residence document that says I am almost a permanent resident. Supposedly after five years that was to be converted to permanent. I am trying to find out how that impacts obtaining an eresident card if at all and where on earth I am supposed to go now to follow up my permanent residency as the offices keep moving. Anybody know? In the mean time I was told by some whisper on the air that our ID cards are valid until December 2015 now anyway……..where do you go and who do you ask to get a definitive answer?

  6. Hi,
    Is is possibility to get residence card without employment contract just with contract of unpaid internship?

    • you have to take 2 passport size photos with you they just tell you to come back if you dont as i found out it took 3 visits to get it right still waiting for letter to collect card

    • As above, my partner and I put our forms in on the 24th October & had to take 2 passport photos in each (apparently there is no longer a working photo machine?!). We received our letter advising that our cards were ready for collection yesterday so had taken 7-8 wks for us.

  7. I went there and had photos with me, but this time they said I had to get the photos and the passport copy authenticated, by a notary or lawyer. This happened to anyone else?

    • When I went there to ask for a list of documents I need to present I was told to bring 2 photos authenticated by lawyer, priest,doctor or police….but when I came with all my papers and photos I was told I need come another day early in the morning and make line for 3 hours. Being a third country national I couldn’t apply without passing a biometrical control like finger prints and a photo made by their officer.

    • just happened to me as well. A friend of mine has been asked for the rental contract as well so I took it with me but they said that they don’t need it for first time applicants. I found a nice notary for the authentication:

  8. Can anyone help me, I’m so confused about what I’m actually applying for? I’ve been here nearly 3 months, so I need to get moving with sorting this out. However, I was under the impression that at first you just apply for an e-ID and later after about 6 months-an e-residency, but everywhere I look now people are talking about needing the forms for e-residency too. Do you apply for both at once now? Also, if it’s just the e-id would that be the Gattard building not the Evans building? I can’t find any clear info about whether the 2 are still separate entitles, or whether I have to apply for both at once. Thanks

    • Hi – you are applying for the electronic residence ID card, which is the one I talk about in this article. It’s not two separate IDs, you just need the one card. Which building you go to depends on whether you are Maltese or not, as described above.

  9. As a slight update to this, we got the e-residence ID card last year , however have now moved house and need to get the address updated on the card (so we can then change bank details, and other).
    Any ideas how we go about this ? I cannot find anything on any website about how to update the address if you are eu citizen. Thanks Peter

    • To be honest I think you will find it easier to change bank details using your rental/mortgagae agreement, rather than go through the process of applying for a new card.

      • I would also like to know the process of changing the address as we will have to do it eventually anyway and cannot find any information about it whatsoever …

  10. Hi there!

    I’m EU Citizen but I don’t have passport, so has another document that I can use to do this ID card, or must I have the passport?

    thank you!

  11. Hi,

    I’m from the third world countries (Philippines). I really confused what are the requirements to get for a residence card. Can you please tell me the right requirements and how to apply for the residence card of the third world countries.


    • As a (very) short answer, you would need:
      – An EU/European passport
      – An EU spouse, partner or family member
      – A job where your employers are applying for your work visa
      – Accepted as an asylum seeker.
      I am no legal expert, this is just my general understanding of how it works. If anyone knows better please advise.

  12. We applied around January 20th 2015 for me, my wife and our two boys.. We still did not receive any letter or anything. Should we be worried?

  13. Hi, after sending all required documents by post in March and hearing nothing, decided to trek down to Evans building and wait to find out whats happened. Told that no details on computer and to re apply!!!!!!!!!
    Luckily, had the registered receipt of docs that must have been signed for.
    Filled in a form for them to check it out and was informed they would contact me.

  14. How does this works for non EU citizens?
    Also, is there any way they will find out whether i have a criminal record?

  15. Hi all –
    Just wanted to update with my experience getting my residence ID.
    I’m an Irish citizen. I went to the EU section of the Evans Building on 24th March at 7:45am. Took a number; finished the last details on the forms while I waited. Turned in the forms, waited another 10-15 minutes to be called to the back office. Signed the docs & got my picture taken. Was back up at the main plaza in Valletta at 9am.

    On Thursday (14th April, three weeks exactly), I received the letter confirming that my ID is ready for pick-up. I’ll go one morning this week to pick it up.

    A couple of notes:
    – best (least-awful?) ID picture I have ever had taken; I think the officer actually took three pictures (there were several clicks) and chose the nicest one
    – When I arrived at the Evans Building at 7:45, 6th in line. When I finished an hour later, there were at least 20 people waiting.

    • Another note:
      – People who did not have the right forms with them did not get welcomed with open arms. Technically, you are not supposed to approach the desk until your number is called, so yes, they expect you to line up twice if you don’t have the forms with you – once to ask them for the forms you need, and then again to wait your turn to submit the forms. The officers got frustrated and were not happy at all when a couple of people jumped the line to ask for forms. If you aren’t sure which forms you need, bring them all, completed, and when it’s your turn, ask which ones they want.

  16. i am from malta i have maltes passaport and i dont have id.card cen i make one i eam in uk

    • You only need the ID card if you are resident in Malta. If you return to Malta to stay (longer than 3 months), you will need to get one.

  17. My Maltese ID card will expire in November and I wanna renew it early in September due to the process period. Last time, me and my partner were applied at the same day. I got the letter 2 weeks after that but my partner got it late 2 months. We plan to travel in New year holidays so it is necessary to have ID card holding in our hand. Although they don’t usually proof anything at the immigration for the flight in EU but I faced it once in last new year holidays that they checked for the flight from Malta to Rome. Therefore, it better to have valid ID card during travel.

    My question is
    Is it possible to renew ID card early? I mean before the old ID card expire.
    Will the document the same as the first time?

    As a foreign student, I was required to show my bank statement from my country and accommodation agreement.

    Do the require bank statement for renewing? It doesn’t matter actually but it just wastes time to do it so in case it’s unnecessary is better!
    Is the accommodation agreement necessary for renewing?
    Is it possible to do agreement for December renting within September?

    It’s difficult to get accommodation too early in Malta based on my experience. My current house agreement will be valid until the end of November. Last time, when I go to the accommodation agent and told them I want 1 bed room and I will move next month, they always said it’s too early to find!!!!!! So I’m worry that I won’t get my new house before September.

  18. Hi
    Just I wanna ask you
    I’m out of Malta right now
    I have permanent residence from Malta
    I have lost my card out Malta
    But I don’t know what can I do ?
    Can I get it of Malta embassy or some thing like that
    Tell me please
    Thank u so much

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