American Football in Malta

The NFL in MaltaThe superbowl was on last night, which for those of you who are somehow unaware of the fact, is the grand final of the American football season.  Unfortunately, it is not available on TV over here unless you have a satellite and can hook up to Italian Sky TV.  Melita used to broadcast NFL via ESPN, but that channel has bitten the dust and so Malta is now in the minority of countries in the world where you cannot follow the gridiron action.  Let’s get this sorted out for next season Melita – there are enough NFL, baseball and basketball fans on the island to make it worth your while to provide a sports channel for us.

Fortunately the NFL provides it’s own online streaming service, so I was able to watch the game streamed live on my generic tablet.  Well, I watched the first half, by which time it was clear that Seattle’s Legion of Boom defence was going to bring them the win over aging superstar QB Peyton Manning and co. 

While I’m on the subject of all things NFL, honourable mention must go to the Knights of Malta, a bunch of guys who are trying to get enough people together to have a game.  Lads, if you need an overweight and unfit novice cornerback, Howtomalta is ready to squeeze into the pads.

However, moves like this one should be left to the pros:

5 thoughts on “American Football in Malta

  1. You’re a football person? I’ve been a Cowboys fan since the start of the 90s, we should catch a game sometime end of the year. Who’re your guys?

  2. Hi – if there are a lot of American-football fans in Malta, you should keep an eye on the Penn State-Central Florida game in Dublin this August. Malta could invite two teams over each year, after the summer heat dies down, and bring in spectators from around the Mediterranean for a long weekend. I’m an Ohio State alum, and every spring OSU has a scrimmage game – perhaps an annual spring-break-timed Big Ten scrimmage?

  3. If you are looking for teams to back for the 2014-15 season, I reckon there are a couple of options with long odds which should at least be competitive in the race for the Superbowl. A small amount of my hard-earned cash is going on the Falcons in the NFC (25 to 1) and the Texans in the AFC (40 to 1). The Falcons were decimated by injuries last year, and should go better next time. The Texans massively underperformed, and hopefully will unearth a good enough QB in the draft to give them a shot at the play-offs this time. Obviously Seattle & SF are the teams to beat, but if you are looking for value long odds bets I reckon a small each-way wager on my selections may prove a decent investment. You heard it here first. Unless they both bomb out, in which case forget everything I wrote here.

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