Best Full English Breakfast in Malta? – Caffe Portomaso

The Caffe Portomaso full English is – without question – one of the finest English breakfasts I have had on this island, or on a whole lot of other islands.   It is very, very good.   Quite honestly, I don’t think my photos do it justice.

Better than it looks.  And it looks good.

Everything on the plate is good, and there is a lot of it.  So this is not to be consumed just before you head off to yoga classes.  Delicious mushrooms, bacon like it’s supposed to be, top quality ingredients all the way – lightly grilled (but not burned) tomato and instead of slopping out the beans you just have quality mushrooms with eggs scrambled or fried…  It’s pretty dull reading a list of foods plus complimentary adjectives so just trust me, it is as good as I have found anywhere in Malta.    The cafe itself is bright and airy – right at the bottom of that big blue tower, you can’t miss it – and the service was great.  Do you need anything else?  I didn’t eat for 12 hours after one of these bad boys, so loosen your belts and get stuck in.

It’s not cheap here, your breakfast will cost eleven of your euros and fifty of your cents, but it’s worth it.  Even though the coffee and the very good smoothie both cost extra – it’s worth it.  That’s why the Golden Sausage is lifted gently from it’s resting place in Cafe Jubilee (by a giant golden fork – natch) and carefully deposited in place of honour here at this cafe in St Julian’s.  I went here twice in two weeks just to make sure that Caffe Portomaso is worthy of the honour – that’s the kind of selfless sacrifice I routinely make for you people – and…  It Is Worthy.