Best Full English Breakfast in Malta? Museum Cafe (Valletta)

 I first saw this place months ago, and made a mental note to come back and try out the breakfast.  Looked such a nice Olde Worlde little place, full of curios and knick-knacks – maybe this is one of those hidden gems you sometimes stumble across down little side streets.

So back I came, hoping for good things from the breakfast on offer.

English Breakfast at Museum Cafe

(I suffer for these pages Gentle Reader, sometimes I suffer).

What I would describe as ‘Grudgingly Polite’ staff slopped out this untidy looking breakfast onto a crumb-spattered table, before going back to chat with the regulars.  And this seems to be something of a Regular’s haunt alright.  There is no need to worry about these tourist blow-ins when you’ve got a guaranteed customer base filling up the tables 365  days a year.  Fair enough I guess.  I won’t be rushing back, but I don’t imagine the owners will be overly concerned at my absence.  So if you are really hungry and can’t find anywhere else: eat this breakfast.  I am sure Valletta has more to offer than I’ve discovered so far, but clearly more research is required.  I am always open to suggestions by the way, don’t be shy English breakfast providers, shout out a name and I will waddle down there.