How to Find Summer Jobs in Malta

A lot of people like the idea of coming over to Malta to work for the summer months in some type of seasonal position.  I don’t blame you – it’s a good idea!  But it is not always easy to find this type of job advertised on the internet, so I thought I would give you a few pointers:

Bars and Restaurants:  Lots of jobs available, most of which can be found by just walking the streets of the main tourist towns/areas.  So that means Sliema, St Julian’s, St Paul’s and Bugibba are the kind of places you should be thinking about.  As I say, many of these jobs you will find by walking in off the street, but check out recruitment agencies for more vacancies.

English Language Schools:  Teaching is the obvious choice, but there are plenty of other opportunities available when it gets closer to the busy summer season, such as being part of the leisure or sales teams, where English plus a second language come in useful.  Here are some opportunities at EC English, although you will find most positions by going around to different schools with your CV – IELS and ESE are two of the bigger schools around, but there are around 40 in total in Malta.

Casinos:  As mentioned previously, there are three large casinos on the island offering jobs in security, dealing, waiting, reception and more.

Tourism:  This could cover a lot of things, but a lot of people end up in sales jobs – the type of role where you are out on the streets trying to sell tours is a popular option – check out Captain Morgan’s, one of the larger operators on the island.  And of course there will always be hotel work available.  The Seabank is the biggest one around but there are literally hundreds to choose from.

At the end of the day, there is really no substitute for just taking the plunge and coming over here for yourself.  Maybe find a cheap hotel/hostel and give yourself a two week deadline to find something.  If nothing else, you will get to enjoy a couple of weeks in the sun!  Best of luck.

*Click here for my post featuring some random 2014 job ads.



16 thoughts on “How to Find Summer Jobs in Malta

  1. hello im really up for coming out to work in paceville this summer im half maltese half englsih and can speak a little maltese would be really grateful if someone could point me in the right direction? cheers

  2. What month would you advise to start emailing employers for jobs in particular teaching jobs? I was thinking possibly march?

    • The summer season kicks off here around mid April, but there are jobs available year round, so it depends when you are coming over. No harm in emailing in March to get an idea beforehand though. The only problem with email applications is that you need the government teaching permit to get a job, and you can only get that over here (see here for more details –

      I taught English for about a year, so I can tell you my experience: I came over in June, and went around knocking on doors of schools. The reaction was positive, but nobody offered me anything concrete until I had the permit. Once I got that, I had absolutely no problem getting a job.

    • As a member of the EU, I didn’t need a permit to work here, but I had to get things like national ID card, police permit, gaming licence, teaching permit and social security card because of the type of work I’ve been doing. You can find info on all that stuff on different pages of

  3. Hello David,

    Thank you for your website, it is very helpfull.
    I would like to ask you something: do you think it’s possible to find a job in a bar or a restaurant without having any experience?
    I am French and I would like to go and work as a waitress in Malta from May to July, to speak english and discover the island. I speak Spanish very well (better than English).
    I would be very grateful if you could give me any information about that.
    Have a nice day!!

  4. For all of you guys looking for work this summer, here is a list of some of the bars & clubs in Paceville: Hugos; Bar Native; Royal Oak; Black Bull; Huggins; Prestige; Places; Peppermint Park; Barcelona; Coconut Grove; Footloose; Chequers; Havana; Qube; Moscow; Club Edge; Nordic Bar; Soho; Rocco Lounge and Koyote. Search on the internet and you’ll find websites for most of them. One recommendation: the people who own Hugo’s are building a big lounge bar/club on the St Rita steps. Construction has started and I’m guessing they will be looking for quite a lot of staff come April/May so probably worth getting in touch via their website.

  5. hey there,
    i’m bulgarian working in Grece for four years.Last year i went to santorini and i worked as bartender, so this year i can go back to my last work there,but i really want to go in Malta…But i will need to know how much i’m gonna earn as a bartender for month and what expences i will have(i have only 600E until i start work and get payed)…There is one more thing…this winter i went back to Bulgaria and i finished a class for massage,so i was wondering is it posible to find a job as masseur?

  6. I’m a master of civil engineering(structural engineering),and i try to find some job on Malta.
    Before 3 years,i worked in Polidano Group and Schembry&Sons LTD.
    If you have something for me,please contact me on
    Best Regards,Milan Zdravkovic.

  7. Hello everyone 🙂 I would like to ask if you think there is still possibility for me and my boyfriend to find summer job from 10 of July to 10 of September. I know that it´s middle of the season but we want to work in some hotel also with possibility of accomodation and food. Can you please recommend me some hotel? Or some page where I should find something? Thank you a lot 😉 Michaela

  8. I am 15 turning 16 next november. Do you any summer job available and suitable for me please? Thankyou

  9. Hi, do you think it’s to late to apply for a summer job from july to end of september ?
    I’m studying in a french business school and I would like to discover Malta, one of the part of the earth I think I’ll like thanks to all of the comments !

    • Hi Vic,

      I am thinking about going to Malta over the summer as well.

      If you are looking for a travel buddy let me know.


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