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New Year's Eve in Malta 2012-2013. Ssssssh! (Updated)

So what is there to do if you find yourself on this little rock come December 31st.  The Mayans were wrong and the earth survives, so how are you going to celebrate the end of the more conventional calendar year.  Well I've done some research, so you don't have to (although you probably will have to when you see the results):

Street Party:  Last year Valletta and Floriana - which if you don't know the layout, are a literal stone's throw away from each other - both put on street parties to welcome in the New Year.  And Floriana's version sort of clogged up the roads leading through it to get to Valletta, so it seemed to have been rather a headache to get to and from the capital.   Apart from that they both sounded good, local bands and bars running dry.  I decided to investigate the plans for this year:

If you click on the link for Floriana council news, a separate page opens up, which says this:


Possibly this is some type of Da Vinci Code style script which will alert the wary, but it doesn't help me too much and I can't for the life of me find any further details anywhere.  Meanwhile, if you visit the Valletta local council site and click on 'Forthcoming Events', the only thing that appears is the number "1".  All very mysterious.

Restaurants:  This is a very popular option in Malta.  Book yourself a big table, get the family and friends round, and get stuck into the food and wine.  Especially the wine.  For example the Tarragon restaurant in St Paul's will dish out an end of the year meal for €65.

Ramla Bay Hotel:  For a classy version of the above, you can stay in this fancy hotel in Gozo and eat posh food and champagne - all a snip at €120 per person for the night.

Paceville!:  Take your pick of venue.  All the usual places will have some sort of party going on: Hugo's, Footloose, Moscow... and how could you resist this invitation from the Nordic Bar?  Wherever you end up, it will probably get messy as the night goes on.

You, Me & Carl Bee:   Apparently this Mr Bee is some sort of DJ and he will be providing musical accompaniment to lots of clubbers getting wasted.  As I say, I haven't come across this gent before, but based on others of his ilk I imagine he's a middle-aged bloke from the South of England who still can't quite believe he gets paid for doing this.  I am not much of a clubber as you may have gathered, so if anything it's going to be 'You & Carl Bee', which  doesn't scan very well but is probably more realistic.  He's playing in Rabat with tickets going for €25, so at least we can be sure that this event is actually happening.

From Grease to Black Eyed Peas:  This is a big outdoor event in the MFCC grounds - that's in Ta Qali - and it's where I'd guess you will find a lot of the younger crowd for the big night.  Maybe some of the older crowd too, as local DJ Alex Grech is covering all bases with hits from the '70s to the 2000's.  Hence the rather awkward name.  That will be fifteen of your euros to stand in a field for a big singalong.

Now it seems clear from the above that maybe it's a little early to be thinking about NYE2012.  Certainly if you are an elected representative of the councils of Valletta and Floriana.  So I will give you an update if and when information filters out about further celebratory plans.

No sooner said than...


Kurt: moody & magnificent.
Okay, so this year it is going to be Valletta AND Floriana hosting the main NYE celebrations.  Together, in perfect harmony.  Local boy Kurt Calleja (of Eurovision fame) will be there, and there's going to be a countdown of the 'best hits' of 2012 followed by a 3D Countdown Show.   I have no idea what that entails, although as pretty much everything we see with our eyes in real life is in 3D (or possibly 4 or 5D) it could just be a couple of blokes standing on the stage counting down from ten to one.  It is probably more technologically wonderful than that though, so get yourself down there to find out.  It's free!

-- You can buy special Night Bus tickets to get you home from Valletta for €2.50, which is probably a good idea.  They are available in advance from the usual places.

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