A Christmas Mosquito

Now as everybody knows, our species and that of the mosquito have been waging war upon each other for thousands of years.  And as everyone also knows, the mosquitoes are kicking our asses.  And so their merciless and utterly unprovoked attacks on the humans continued the other night – Christmas night, no less! The mosquitoes have no respect for our traditions.

I was asleep when this cowardly assault took place.  But my sleep was disturbed by an extreme urge to scratch my exposed arm, as well as that sinister drone that indicates the presence of the insect in question.

This provoked a few separate responses:
1. My first thought was “**** you, you *******….etc”
2. There was much scratching and flapping
3. Am I dreaming this?  Shouldn’t the mosquitoes be dead this time of year?

Well clearly they were not all dead.  Here was one survivor, possibly the last of it’s race, like that dinosaur swimming round Loch Ness*.  And then to add insult to injury, and just as I was slipping back to sleep, he got me again.  Right on the eyelid.  Resulting in a rather swollen-looking eye this morning.

Merry Christmas mosquito.  You win again.

*Note:  the scientific community is not in unanimous agreement with this theory.

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Mosquito

  1. Have you written other posts about mosquitos and how to repel them? I am pure mosquito bait, but don’t want to spend every day and night soaked in deet. I’ll put netting around my bed & over open (unscreened) windows, and I’ll plant marigolds & catnip wherever I can, and I have no problem smelling like tea tree and eucalyptus oils during the lighter mosquito seasons – any other tips?

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