Malta Beaches: Mellieha Bay

This is the biggest sandy beach in Malta, and offers the greatest quantity of beach-side entertainment and water-sports you’ll find on the island.

That just about sums it up.  Mellieha is a popular tourist town, and the beach is the main draw.  It is one of the biggest sandy stretches on the island, and can be relied upon to get pretty busy over the summer months.  There are sun loungers for hire, and fast food and beers to be had from cabins on the beach, so what more do you need?  The water is pretty shallow, so you are unlikely to drown unless you are extremely short, or you have the persistence to trudge through the water for about 100 metres.  This is not exactly some idyllic deserted stretch of pristine beach-front, but the sun will most probably be shining and I’m sure you’ll have a lovely time stretched out here, if that’s your thing.