Dingli Cliffs

Awesome.  An overused word – yes, I’m looking at you Americans – but a fitting description in this instance.  These cliffs are on the scenic western side of Malta – make sure to take your camera along with you when you visit.  Once you’ve finished gaping at the amazing views and taking photos to impress your friends on facebook, you might feel like a cliff walk from Dingli to the Blue Grotto.  Or if you are in a more relaxed frame of mind, bring a picnic along and a bottle of wine to enjoy with it as you take in the scenery.  (Don’t go too near the edge after you drink that wine, though.  It’s a long way down).

The Dingli Cliffs are a beautiful part of the country, which can be reached by car (ideally), on the sightseeing buses, or via the local bus services – see below for more info.