How to Get Summer Work/Casual Jobs in Malta

High season in Malta runs from April to October, so obviously this is the time to be looking for work in bars and restaurants.

Experienced chefs are always in demand, and there are usually a lot of waiter/waitress jobs going too.  There are also jobs available in the tourist sector, whether distributing fliers or working as a guide or as a student liaison officer in one of the language schools.  The average Maltese monthly wage is about €1,200, (based on an 8 hour working day), which is not high by European standards.  And the minimum wage works out at about €660 per month – again based on working 8 hour days.  So in other words, don’t come over from somewhere like Germany or the U.K. and expect to make your fortune.  However as cost of living is also cheaper, less goes further than in those countries.

Most jobs involving food or drink will require a Food Handling Certificate.  Now many employers will arrange this, but you can get a head start by obtaining one yourself from somewhere like E.T.C., the Maltese government employment agency.  It’s basically a 4 hour course about food hygiene followed by a very simple multiple choice test and then you’re certified.   And if you take the course with E.T.C. it is free, and is available in English and for all nationalities.

You won’t find too many of the jobs described above advertised on the internet – the way to get a job in a bar or restaurant is to go around knocking on doors.  But get here by May and you should be able to pay for your extended holiday.

For an idea of the type of jobs out there, take a look at Find Summer Jobs in Malta.

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11 thoughts on “How to Get Summer Work/Casual Jobs in Malta

  1. Hey there. First off cheers for posting such brilliant information about Malta on your blog, get a really good sense of the life there and it’s great to hear an Irish view on the place.

    Myself and two other friends are thinking of moving to Malta for June and July for a working holiday. We’re students and were wondering if we could please get your advice on a few things?

    1)We won’t be arriving until the start of June, do you think there will definitely still be jobs available in the bars/restaurants?
    2)We’ve been looking into apartments and were thinking of the St. Julian area. Is this an overly touristy area? We’d like to stay somewhere that isn’t just tourists but locals too.
    3) We’re trying to avoid the expensive short stay holiday apartments and find a cheap 2 month alternative. Do you know of any good property agents who are used by people in Malta?

    Any help you ca provide would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Hi Anna, thanks for the comments.
    In answer to your questions:
    1. Yes there will be jobs around, but of course the earlier in the season you get here, the better your chances
    2. St Julian’s is one of the nicest areas to live, but also the most expensive. You can save a lot of money by looking for somewhere in Gzira or Swieqi, which are less ‘glamorous’ but not too far away from where the action is.
    3. As I’m sure you know, you’ve picked the height of the tourist season to arrive, so rental prices are at their highest. Best bet is to try one of the many rental agents you find around St Julians/Sliema, I’ve used about 4 different ones and found them all to be helpful & willing to do deals. You will probably get a better rate if you get a 3month lease, but I know this may not be possible in your situation.

    Hope this helps – Good Luck!

  3. Me and my boyfriend are going to malta on a trip for a week on the 19th July and are really thinking about staying there for a lot longer and working I’ve read all this information and it’s all proved to be really helpful I’d like to know or hear from others who have done the same and found it to he a really good idea and that it’s worked

    • Malta is a beautiful country: great climate, friendly people and an economy that hasn’t suffered greatly from the recent crises. If you are thinking of moving here, then I would certainly recommend it. Depends on what kind of work you or your boyfriend are looking for though. If you have any kind of IT experience, then you should be able to get a job in the igaming sector, which is one of the best for non-Maltese to get into. I hope you enjoy your holiday in July (it will be Hot, by the way) and I’m sure you’ll have a good time.

  4. Hello All, I would like ask you how is situation about Jobs in Malta in this time? Now I live in Ireland, but here is impossible find a Job, so I am thinking about Malta. From Ireland I have experience with work in the kitchen, cleaning, warehouse. So I believe that in the summer season can be easy find a job, but now…? Many thanks for your advices

  5. I’m planning to go to Malta to find some job.. But in that moment i don’t have enough money to arrive to Malta and start looking… So.. I’d go if I had some opportunity… I think I could aspire for a gardening job, or as a waitress or a pub, or cleaning…. I’d like you to recommend me any website for applying in Malta. If I’d see there are some opportunities, I’d go and start knocking doors.. 🙂

  6. Hello!
    My name is Mariela I am from Bulgaria. Recently I got an offer to work at St.Julian.
    Can you please telll me how much money I am going to need for one month with the rental, utility food etc.
    And where can I look for rentals?
    Thank you.

  7. Iam connex from Malawi,tell me if ican go to malta and find ajob as asecurity man?imean bodyguard,securityguard,ateacher,or an electrician,abarman.iwil be looking forward from u.and from malawi to malta how much?thanks in advance.

  8. Hello
    My name is Goran and im from Mcedonia
    Im planing to go to Malta and looking for a job but I want to go with my wife and my daughter and i want to know how is the prices for the acomondation, currently have open positions for waiters, otherwise I have worked in Qatar in The Ritz Carlton hotel so i have expirience in 5 star hotel

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