Easter in Malta

Malta is still a country strongly influenced by Catholicism, so it is perhaps unsurprising that Easter celebrations here are quite an event.  Good Friday – which is a public holiday – features rather grave processions and actors dressed up as various biblical characters to re-enact scenes from the death of Christ.  Easter Sunday, by contrast, has people running through the streets carrying a statue of the Risen Christ in a kind of joyful celebration of the resurrection.  It’s a pretty big statue, and the running I saw was in pretty short bursts as a result.  You can catch these events in Valletta as well as various other towns around Malta and Gozo (including Birgu, Mosta, Rabat, Mdina and Victoria), and the photos here are from St Julian’s on the afternoon of Easter Sunday.

You may also get the opportunity to try an almond biscuit (figolla) or some honey cakes (kwarezimal) on Easter Sunday before cracking open some Easter eggs.