Friday, 9 March 2012

How to get a Work Permit for Non-EU Citizens

This is not easy.

Malta is quite protective about it's employment market, and fearful of an influx of non-EU members coming in and taking work from it's own citizens.  And for this reason, it can be difficult to get a work permit if you are resident outside of the European Union.

The work permit is for a period of between 1 and 3 years, after which time it must be renewed.  The employer must apply for this permit, so you need to find a job first and the application has to be sent 3 months before you are to start work.  In order to qualify for this permit you must be qualified in your field and possessing skills or experience which no Maltese citizen has.  As I said, it is not easy to get one of these permits, especially since it's your prospective employer who has to go to all the trouble of applying for one, which obviously makes them less keen on hiring non-EU workers.  Take a look at this government employment website for a detailed look at exactly what is required.

Your other options are restricted to the following:
1.  Set up your own business here in Malta.
2.  Work in a job where they are not too fussy about whether or not you have a permit.  (All the usual caveats and problems and lack of rights apply if you go for this option, of course).

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  1. Another option is to get married to an EU citizen. If he or she is either Maltese or any other European living in Malta, you will obtain automatic residence and work permit rights.

    I am no longer available though, sorry.


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