Best Full English in Malta? Cafe 516

 A cafe with a great location like this one deserves a great Full English – and this one is pretty good.  As you can see from the picture we’ve got some commendably large sausages, a generous helping of bacon, some nice egg-work and even a sliced tomatoes thrown in for good measure (vitamins) along with the ubiquitous beans.  And they’ve gone the extra yard by sprinkling green stuff around the plate as well.  I liked it.  And as I said, the location on St Julian’s seafront is hard to beat.  The 516 gets an 8 from me.

Good eggmanship

So Cafe 516 is very good, but this one is still the best of the bunch (to date).

2 thoughts on “Best Full English in Malta? Cafe 516

  1. HaHa… It’s not the best line I’ve ever written for sure, but sometimes it’s a bit of a struggle to find different things to say about English breakfasts!

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