Bar Review: Muddy Waters

Do you like rock music?

Oh, you don’t?  Really?  Well, best avoid this place then.  Because Muddy Waters is all about the music, and here they play it with the volume up to 11.  Not the venue for quiet musings over a glass of gin and tonic, this is where you come to listen to Sabbath as nature intended and get gradually more inebriated as you do so.   The narrow dimly lit bar is somewhat bloke orientated, with little concession to the fineries of life.  The names of various bands like Whitesnake and Black Sabbath are carved into the surface of the bar, just in case you still were wondering why they haven’t played any Michael Buble yet.   Quite often you’ll be able to catch a local act here too, although don’t expect sensitive folk-singers strumming the acoustic guitar.  Muddy Waters Rocks.