Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Seven...(yes, Seven)... Islands of Malta

Can you name the seven islands that make up the nation of Malta?  If you are not Maltese, I would guess that "no" is the answer, considering that much of the global population struggles to find the country on a map.  So let me waste no more of your time and list them here:

islands in the sun
1. Malta.  Obviously.  No points for getting this one.

2. Gozo, as per the above.

3. Comino - this is the smallest of the three inhabited islands, and only 4 people live here during the low season so it's not exactly overcrowded in winter.

4. Cominetto.  This is technically an island, although you can walk to it from Comino with your head above water if you are not of the petite sized variety.  It's really just a bit of Comino that's been cut off by a shallow piece of sea.  But it still counts.

Filfla - the 'pepper-seed'
5. Filfla is a tiny uninhabited island that for many years was used as a target for British artillerymen.  Now it's a nature reserve and you and I are not permitted to go there.  Especially you; they don't care much for your sort - with your strange ways - on Filfla island.

6. St Paul's Island is where St Paul is said to have been shipwrecked when he accidentally visited Malta and proceeded to convert the island to Christianity.  There's a statue of him here but no humans, although you can go and visit the island.

Statue of St Paul above and to the right.
7. Manoel Island barely qualifies but we're going to let it in.  It's attached to the mainland by a walkway which also serves as a kind of weird duck sanctuary/village.  There's a fort on the island but you're not allowed to walk all the way up there.  You can however visit the duck village and say hello, if that doesn't sound too weird a way to spend your time.  Talking to ducks.


  1. thanks for this information :)

  2. Where's the island that has all those tiny white dogs?

    1. I guess you're thinking of the Island Sanctuary, which is the name of a charity organisation that looks after stray dogs.

      Either that or it's just a nice dream that you had one time.


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