Best Full English in Malta? – Bocconcino (St Julian’s)

If the award was for friendliest staff then Bocconcino would take the gold star hands down.  And friendly, cheerful service makes a big difference to your dining experience and is probably why I’ve been back to this place a few times, despite the fact that it does not make the best full English in Malta.  So what do you get for your five euros at the Bocconcino cafe?  Well apart from the amiable service, you get a perfectly nice English breakfast.  Perfectly nice but nothing more than that I’m afraid.  The sausages aren’t premium quality and that just lets the whole thing down for me.  I hesitate to write the phrase “I like a good sausage” for fear it could be taken in a way which I do not intend, but in this context it is certainly true.  And the sausages here are poor things indeed.  The cafe is located in a perfect spot overlooking Balluta Bay, and it’s certainly worth stopping by for a coffee or a bite to eat, or even for breakfast.  Enjoy the view, chat to the nice guys who work here, but don’t expect to find Malta’s finest cooked breakfast.