Marsaxlokk. Gone fishin’.

This is a popular stopping off point on many people’s tour of Malta.  Marsaxlokk is a little fishing village in the south of the island, which looks great in photos because of all the colourful fishing boats (‘luzzus’) bobbing up and down on the waves.  Another reason to go to Marsaxlokk is the famous fish market which takes place every Sunday morning.  You can buy fish here that’s so fresh it’s practically still swimming.  However if you are staying in a hotel, you may begin to regret that impulse purchase of a lampuki that’s been taking up space in the minibar for the past few days.  Fortunately, there is more than fish available to buy, and there’s a market every day of the week which sells various touristy stuff.  If you’re not at liberty to cook your own fish, there are plenty of good restaurants in Marsaxlokk that can do the job for you.  I can’t recall the name of the place we went to (very nice it was too, so sorry about that), so you might want to check out tripadvisor’s recommendations for advice on which restaurant to go for.

A visit to Marsaxlokk is one of Malta’s Top Ten Things to Do

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  1. Marsaxlokk is an ideal holiday location for those who wish to relax after enjoying very good food and although everyday ameneties are at hand, is well away from noisy nightlife.
    If you require a seaview, then be sure you’re going to have one before you book….I stayed at Appartment 10A, ‘The Waves’ in Marsaxlokk (invited by my close friend who owns the premises) and was delighted with a classic view of almost the whole harbour encompassing the main coast road through the village to the south which passes by mediaeval fort on top of the hill; continuing out to the skyline.
    I was very impressed… also with so much to do and view…..John Ireland

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