Friday, 27 January 2012

Cafe Review: Cafe Jubilee (Valletta & Gzira)

Cafe Jubilee (Valletta)
There are three Jubilee Cafes in Malta, but I haven't made it to the Gozo version, so can only comment on the other two.  Jubilee Gzira was one of the first places in Malta I went to for a beer, and I liked it straight away.  Deliberately trendy in a vintage style, lots of corners and alcoves, things glued onto the ceiling upside-down - you get the idea.  The food is good as well, Dany reckons the pasta here is the best she's had in Malta, and who am I to argue?  It is a little dark inside for a sunshine spot like Malta, but then that can be a nice change sometimes.  The Valletta version has the same decor, but is smaller and busier, which is not a great combination.  If you go here if feels like you're pretty much expected to order food, which is not necessarily the case in Gzira.

Decent bar/cafes, worth a visit if you've had enough sun for the day.


  1. Your words really tickle me. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Simon, you are too kind.


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