Valletta – Crucial Information.

The tiny capital city of Malta.  It is very very small.  Really.

Interesting Facts about Valletta:

  •  This is Europe’s smallest capital city, and only about 7,000 people live here.
  •  The chess olympics were held here in 1980.  I don’t know who won.
  •  Oliver Reed died here while filming ‘Gladiator’.  He had a heart attack in a pub called ‘The Pub‘, which now attracts more customers as a result.  Circle of life.
  •  Valletta contains more monuments per square metre than any other city in the world.
  •  Valletta is the capital of Malta, but Birkirkara is the biggest city.  Although ‘city’ is being generous to Birkirkara and rather insulting to actual cities.


When you’re in town, you should really do these things (here comes another list, you ready?):

– Take the water taxi from Sliema ferries, it’s the best way to get to and from Valletta
– Look out over the harbour.  It’s a nice view and you’ll feel better for it.
– Go to St John’s Co-cathedral.
– Visit the Grand Master’s Palace, because how many palaces have you visited lately?
– Have a coffee on a street cafe and watch people.  People are fun to watch.  After all, we are people, in a way.
– Find out about Malta’s ancient temples in the Archaeological Museum.
– Take it easy in the Barrakka Gardens
– Go shopping, if you like shopping.  Try the street markets on Merchant Street for some bargains.

– Just walk around through little streets – it’s a very picturesque, relaxing city and it’s just the right size for some aimless wandering.  Did I mention that it’s quite small?

Links to Things to Do in Valletta:
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Upper Barraka Gardens
– The Malta Experience
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– Lascaris Rooms
Hastings Gardens
St John’s Co Cathedral
– Grand Master’s Palace
Archaeological Museum

(~ A trip to Valletta is one of the Top 10 Things to Do in Malta)