Restaurant Review: Fontanella Tea Garden

The Fontanella Cafe (or ‘tea garden’ if you will) has become almost compulsory on your ‘to do’ lists of Malta.  That’s assuming you’re not just visiting the country for a week of getting smashed in Paceville at night and lying on the beach the next day trying to get well again.

The Fontanella Tea Garden is situated right on top of the bastion walls of the walled city of Mdina.  So you can sit there eating cake and looking down upon what seems like half of Malta.  And the cake is important, you have to eat the cake.  Even if you’re like me and you don’t particularly care for cake – Eat the Ca

In between spoonfuls of the Cake, I wondered about the people who may have stood in the same place in centuries gone by, ducking Saracen arrows.  I also wondered about the ratio of defensive usefulness compared to the enormous effort of building a walled city, and decided that the Fontanella cake probably made it worthwhile.