Bar/Bistro/Restaurant(??) Review: Little Things

Okay, so now how to describe this place?  I’ve never actually eaten a full meal here, but I’ve tried beer (from a can, fine) and variations of German sausage (lets say they were of “variable” quality).  It’s got a prime location in the heart of St Julian’s, but it’s just a little… well, here’s the type of sign you will find pinned outside the door:

The response to this must be that while of course such a thing is indeed Possible, it is by no means Preferable or indeed Desirable.

I have watched enough episodes of Kitchen Nightmare’s to know that cluttered menus and ill-conceived promotions are a recipe for disaster in the restaurant game.  For the Love of God: just call it a German beer-hall or eatery or something, serve good German beer and sauerkraut and stop messing about with curried bockwurst.


But hey, the owner and his wife are both lovely people: he’ll come out and drink a beer with you and chat about the turning of the world and whatever else occurs.  So you should definitely go along and check it out…

… unless you see a sign like this one up on the door:

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